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Lost my cable!

I've recently lost my rf cable assemblies. I don't know how it got away, but i guess all I can do is to buy a new one. I have looked everywhere, and i really mean everywhere. I'ts got to be somewhere. Maybe I'll give mom a call. She always finds stuff wherever they are. It's really incredible. She's like a private detective when it comes to lost items. She could start a investigation bureau and make som money on it. But I would be really amazed if she found my cable!

A new BBQ.

It is weekend and it is since a long time that we don't have any visitors. So we stayed in bed a little bit longer. We had a very nice breakfast with eggs and bacon. Then we went to a shop to buy a new BBQ. The one we had is broke and there was an very good offer in a store so we bought that one. And we are mounting the BBQ and that is not as simple as it sounds. We have to read the manual all the time to see if we are doing it right. There ...